How QuiverTree Media is becoming the prime choice for airlines CSP needs?

Barcelona, May 26th 2022QuiverTree Media, an aviation media specialist supplying IFE content and advertising services to airlines has been making huge strides in gaining market share as a CSP (content services provider) with carriers looking to emerge in the post Covid-19 era to drive efficiency

Propelled by digitalisation, experience innovation and a relentless focus on cost efficiency, it appears QuiverTree Media has successfully aligned with airline priorities.

In the past few months alone, following on from the announcement to supply content and media services to IAG’s long haul carrier LEVEL, QuiverTree Media has secured multiple additional agreements which also include partnerships with short and mid haul low airlines in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East such as Air Arabia, Tarom, Eastern Airlines and Fly Pop.  

What makes Quiver Tree Media the right choice for airlines looking for a CSP? 

Leading in Digitalisation: QuiverTree Media pioneered CSP services on new inflight wifi systems as a digital content services provider from day one. This enabled full service carriers to extend entertainment to all parts of their fleet (with seat integrated screens or with wireless streaming on passenger devices) and low cost airlines were now also able to introduce IFE propositions onboard without investing in costly systems. 

QuiverTree rapidly became the leading CSP enabling any airline with any system to source and distribute inflight content cost efficiently while pairing it with digital retail, destination services and digital advertising. Airlines benefit from a 360 CSP with the latest in content sourcing services, in-house lab services and in-house media sales services for fleets with any combination of IFE systems.

Simplifying IFE Systems Management: Today QuiverTree is successfully serving airlines with wireless and seatback IFE Systems from any supplier (eg. Panasonic, Safran-Rave, Immfly-Boeing Digital Direct, Bluebox, Air Fi..) enabling airlines to have seamless CSP services regardless of the mix of systems operated across their fleet. Given its technical agility and in-house lab, provides end to end content and media services introducing simplicity and cost efficiencies for airlines while consolidating the need for multiple suppliers. 

Innovating for Fresh World Class Content:  Since setting an industry precedent by supplying the first fleet in Europe with app-less inflight DRM streaming in partnership with a Hollywood major almost a decade ago, the company has continued innovating to ensure airlines can offer the latest content formats. This resolve paired with the studios’ own evolution in digital distribution enabled QuiverTree Media to unlock new content opportunities for airlines for the very first time. Collaborations with OTT platforms (HBO Max, Rakuten, Amazon and others) provided airlines with not only the latest movie releases, but branded channels, access to premium shows and new partnerships with Apps covering fresh formats from audiobooks and ebooks to news and social media, podcasts, educational courses and more.

Optimising Content Cost and Maximising Media Revenue: QuiverTree Media relentlessly focuses on delivering the very best content packages to airlines at the lowest cost. The CSP’s technological innovations and in-house lab, provide significant operational efficiencies with simplified streamlined processes.  The CSP’s sourcing model covers Hollywood majors, international studios through to new content generators, broadening access and providing airlines with cost options previously unavailable. Moreover, the CSP’s inhouse media sales team facilitates online and offline campaigns and secures key sponsorships which can exceed $1M per year to maximise revenues and further offset costs. 

“Being a major US airline serving customers flying between the American regions  (routes pairs North, Central and S America) and providing multiple formats of content is really important. With QTM, we are able to engage our passengers inflight with TV shows, ebooks, audiobooks podcast, latest movies on a monthly refresh rate basis”

Eastern Airlines- Joshua Bustos / Vice President Network Sales and Service

“QuiverTree Media is providing the inflight entertainment content we’ll offer on board as an optional extra. flypop’s customers will be able to choose and enjoy exciting entertainment options covering a huge number of Bollywood and Hollywood titles and much more.”

FlypopBobby Bhakar / flypop Founding Director and CTO

Each of our new partners chose QTM for the various differentiating factors we bring to the table like high quality and multiple types of content, refresh rate, added source of ancillary revenue and integration with all kinds of IFE systems. Our aim at QTM is to be the best CSP solution for our partners and help them solve the need they have.(can be both passenger centric or cost centric).

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