We connect your brand
with the next travel generation.

Elevate your brand to the next level and maximize your exposure.

Connect your brand

Awareness, Positioning, or Experiential engagement

We design and create customized brand strategies offering the opportunity to maximize the exposure of your brand, product, or service across key touchpoints of the travel experience. Our advertising media assets impact millions of passengers before, during, and after the customer journey through online and offline channels or immersive experiences created in accordance with the brand’s objectives.

A unique audience

We connect your brand with the next travel generation.

In-flight advertising generates a significant positive impact on the propensity to purchase given the high brand retention achieved with the promotion of products and services on board.

Why Vueling?

Leading Spanish airline by number of passengers

The main base of operations is at El Prat airport (Barcelona).

The No. 1 airline in Spain in domestic flows, No. 1 in Spain-France connections, and No. 2 in Spain-Italy connections.


We develop great relationships with established and reputable companies within Europe putting the focus on a huge variety of interests.

Let’s launch an exciting partnership. To ensure we have adequate time to plan for events or activities, we recommend allowing a lead time of at least 12 weeks to enable the proposals to be evaluated, negotiated, agreed and professionally implemented.

Vueling trust in QuiverTree Media

Digital from day one. Designed to optimise the captive audience.

QuiverTree Media is redefining media services in aviation. With state-of-the-art content services, global studio coverage, and powerful technical capabilities we build exceptional audience relationships. We set out to create a service built to cater to and optimise the potential of, the captive inflight audience. Today we are a groundbreaking CSP, enabling full service, low cost, and regional airlines worldwide to benefit from the latest content strategies. Our services reach millions of passengers across hundreds of destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.